Promoting the general welfare of Nantucket through informed citizen participation in community affairs, since 1903.


Our list of member associations includes links to the websites of associations with their own online presence. For details about meeting times and how to join any area association please contact the area association president.






























Executive Committee Treasurer Rick Atherton
Executive Committee Recording Sec Charles Stott
Executive Committee Exec. Cmte Leslie Johnson
Executive Committee Clerk Peter Louderback
Executive Committee Exec Cmte Steve Maury
Executive Committee Exec Cmte Annie Mendelson
Executive Committee Exec Cmte Pat Newton
Executive Committee Vice President Peter Morrison
Executive Committee President Allen Reinhard
Executive Committee Exec Cmte Patty Rogeveen
Executive Committee Exec Cmte Lee Saperstein
Executive Committee Exec Cmte Barbara Stott
Executive Committee Exec Cmte Liz Trillos
Executive Committee Corres.Sec. Mary Wawro
Executive Committee Exec Cmte Nancy Soderberg
Brant Point Association President Mason Heydt
Cisco Civic Association President Carol Langer
Fisher’s Landing Assn President Lauren O’Donnell
Harbor South Association President Sarah Oktay
Hinckley Lane Association President Marcia Butman
Hummock Pond Association President Robert Williams
Hummock Pond Association Treasurer Harrison Bains
Hummock Pond of Nantucket HOA President Neil Graner
Hussey Farm Association President Georgia Snell
Madaket Conservation Association President Bill Grieder
Madaket Residents Association President Charles Stott
Madaket Residents Association VP Leslie Forbes
Madaket Residents Association 2nd VP Victoria Girvan
Madaket Residents Association Secretary Jim Schilling
Madaket Residents Association Treasurer Louis Kiefer
Monomoy President Peter Campanella
Nantucket Town Association President Charles Walters
Naushop President Ken Gentner
Naushop VP Bryan Coyne
Naushop Secretary Scott Wilson
Naushop Treasurer Patricia Rottmeier
Naushop Alt. Rep. to NCL Janis Carreiro
Pine Valley Association President Patty Roggeveen
Pine Valley Association Vice President James Kozera
Pine Valley Association Secretary Barbara Jenkins
Pine Valley Association Treasurer Helen Trebby
Pocomo Association President Bob Shapiro
Polpis Association President Mary Wawro
Polpis Association Treasurer Jay Riley
Quidnet-Squam Association President Richard Peterson
Siasconset Association President Mark Donato
Surfside Association President Thomas Quigley
Surfside Association VP Chris Magee
Surfside Association 2nd VP Ned Fawcett
Surfside Association Secretary Tom Szydlowski
Surfside Association Treasurer Debbie McIntosh
Surfside Association Rep. to NCL Pat Newton
Tom Nevers Civic Association President Dual Macintyre
Wauwinet Landowners Association President Tony Cahill
West Miacomet Home Owners Association President John Johnson